Fan Mail From Joyce McKinney

Several weeks ago I reviewed the documentary Tabloid. The movie tells the story of Joyce McKinney, a women who was alleged to have kidnapped and tied into bondage a Mormon missionary. Time passed. It was one of my more forgettable pieces destined to die a slow death on a hidden exit ramp of the information superhighway. Then I noticed I received some new comments all of which were apparently written by Joyce McKinney or someone representing her  under the moniker truthteller accusing me of slander.  You can read the review and her comment by clicking here.

She did not like the below picture.

I took the photo down at her request since she asked so nicely and also any references to her being mentally ill, but then I noticed I was left another comment by Truthteller under my bio. Below is the kind comment in its unedited entirety.

“David, you are the “expert” on NOTHING; you are just a self serving egotist. Hey since you also “imagine” in hyour fantiasies that that you are a “writer” maybe you and fellow Jew ERROL MORRIS can get together and make a bondage film where HItler has bondage sex with Jew girls just before he cremates them in his ovens! It will be about as tasteful as his perverted defamatory film entitled “Tabloid” and about as tasteless as your malicious remarks SLANDERING the victim of that film who is going to sue him for fity million dollars –and maybe YOU as well– for SLANDERING her as well as by making the HUGE MISTAKE of REPEATING Morris’ obvious slander. Then maybe you and he can make a sequel illustrating the Mormons’ bizarre baptisms of the dead in their Blood Oath Temple Ceremonies–since you are both so obviously in collusion with the cult to slander an innocent person.”

While it would be difficult to refute that I am a self-serving egotist, I am highly offended that truthteller thinks I would fantasize about being a writer. Would I really fantasize about sitting in front of a computer formulating sentences?  If I am in fact a slanderer I probably have a more creative imagination than that. But I am flattered that she thinks powers that be would include me in a vast conspiracy.

This conspiracy is far flung. Loyal reader Confucious has alerted me that Truthteller has been all over the Blogosphere threatening to sue any one that discusses the film.


7 thoughts on “Fan Mail From Joyce McKinney

  1. Perchance, do truthteller, Joyce McKinney and Sugel all share the same IP address? I’m almost as obsessed with this mini-mystery as Joyce was with Kirk. (Just kidding, that’s impossible.)

    “Sugel” should note that the CAPITALIZATION of her FAVORITE WORDS gives her away.

    • Sugel and Truthteller have different IP addresses. Sugel also gives a working e-mail address while Truthteller does not. So they might just be different people.

  2. I just want to say that my heart has been
    Touched so deeply after watching joyce mc Kinney I really don’t get the cruelty of people.i would love to talk with her anytime we have some things in common and those things make
    Friendships beautiful everyone needs someone in their lives if you know how to get ahold of
    Her please give her this e-mail address.thank
    GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!

  3. I think Joyce was treated poorly by so many involved and is a true and real albeit misunderstood soul who has lived a life that most people strive for. I would love to be able to go to lunch with her. I could help her write her book and I would love to meet her cloned pups! I can be reached at

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