Real Men Wear Hair

The other day I watched a movie called Modern Romance. It’s a 1981 flick made by Albert Brooks (who was a poor man’s Woody Allen). It’s mediocre, slow, and not really concerned about a plot. There is only one aspect of this movie that makes it deserving of being written about in as prestigious a forum as That being the love scene with Albert Brooks.

No, the woman does not get naked, what is interesting is that Albert Brooks is shirtless. And his back and shoulders are covered in hair.

This is groundbreaking. In today’s movies if a man is unclothed his body is hairless. The NAACP complains about there not being enough movies featuring African-American actors, but that minority has nothing on the underrepresentaion of men with body hair in cinema. Hollywood has pushed the agenda that all men must look pre-pubescent. This is part of Rupert Murdoch, Sumner Redstone, and Disney shareholders’  master scheme to take pedophilia out of the closet in the next few years.

But Albert showed us back in 1981 real men can have hair. He gives me the courage to put away the trimmers. Let the back hair glimmer for all the world to see and allow us to sing proudly…

We’re men

We’re men with hair.

Stronger than a bull

or lion or bear.


We’re men

we’re men with hair.

Covered from our neck

to derrier.


We’re men

we’re men with hair

We look even worse

when our skin is fair. 


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