What Is Deadbeat?

Astute readers of www.pablochiste.com will have noticed at the top of the website (above the photograph of me walking into Zion National Park) a thumbnail that reads, “Deadbeat – A Novel“. If you haven’t clicked on it yet, go ahead and do it.

Since a picture tells a thousand words, I’ll be brief describing what you see. A cover of a paperback book called Deadbeat written by yours truly.  What is Deadbeat?

Flashback to many moons ago. I had the idea of a private investigator who was hired to find his own son. For years this PI lived in a world of regret, only to discover he didn’t like his son at all. I spent a year turning it into a novel. I called it Then Again because half of the story took place in the past while the other half took place in the present where the PI was making the same mistakes. I sent it out to a thousand publishers and received a million rejections.

But still I thought it was golden. In 2003 I moved to Los Angeles and turned the novel into a screenplay. The title changed from Then Again into Deadbeat. I directed a scene from the movie with the help of a talented cast and crew. My good friend, Patrick Keif, even designed a poster upon which the novel’s cover is based. I had copies of the script in the back seat of my car ready to hand out to anyone who feigned the slightest interest. I got it in the hands of an Academy Award winner, and was strung on by one producer that the actor who played Tony Soprano was dying to play the lead character, but unfortunately the movie to this point has not gotten made.

I moved on to other projects, but Deadbeat continued to own a piece of my heart. The novel sat there in my desk drawer mocking me.  And so I decided to get rid of any humility, crack open my piggy bank, make some final edits, and publish the damn thing myself.  With the tremendous help of Sarah Ballard, who designed both the cover and the interiors of the book, I have sent Deadbeat off to the printers. It is available right now for home delivery by clicking on this sentence.

I am doing my best to also have Deadbeat available as an e-book. Once I finalize the terms those details will be plastered all over this site. 

So now you’re wondering is Deadbeat good enough for you to fork over your hard earned cash during these recessionary times. It’s the type of book I like to read and if you enjoyed this website the last couple years, Deadbeat is by the same author. So you need further proof? OK, on Monday I’ll post the first two chapters to whet your appetites.


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