Occupy Wall Street

While I applaud and stand up for any sort of organized anarchy, the media is up at arms with the young whippersnappers who are updating on their Facebook status that they are part of a mass protest. Commentators are outraged that there is no unified message or plan for what they are protesting as thousands of demonstrators have taken up camp on Wall Street. But having a plan and clear goal doesn’t do much good in protest movements. In 2003 people all across the world marched against the war in Iraq, eight years later with thousands dead, there are still American troops in Iraq.

We live in vague times so having anger and a sense of injustice without clearly being able to define what you are angry about is fitting. Some say they are against the bank bail-outs, others are against foreclosures and exorbitant student loans. But what it comes down to is an anger against capitalism and a desire for a redistribution of wealth.

One of the mantras of the movement has been “We are 99%” meaning the protestors are not among the richest percentile. Not in America, no, where the richest percent clear $593,000 a year. But odds are good if you live in the US that you are among the top one percent of wealthiest people in the world.  

So if it ain’t broke here in America, why fix it? Because things are starting to break down. Schools and libraries have had their resources cut left and right. With education minimized people are apt to be suckers that they need to buy things like expensive flat screen TVs, Iphones, and homes that are too big for their britches. 

This allows a guy like Steve Jobs to die with 5.6 billion in his bank account for marketing a bunch of glorified toys.  While it’s great that he allowed for a generation of people to never again be bored as they will  always have access to Words With Friends and their music collection, it seems silly that Jobs had it all while children somewhere out there are starving.

But of course now, Jobs has nothing. He is dead and since you can’t take it with you, his children who did nothing but have the good fortune to be sired by Jobs are billionaires. Meanwhile there are 254,000 homeless people in Los Angeles county alone. Something is wrong and while there has not been a proposed solution, at least now there is some discussion that there is a problem.


2 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street

  1. And I’m sure the first thing Gordon Gekko would say to you is, “You socialistic bastard!”

    Greed is not so good and I love what these protests are about. This country was founded on the pursuit of your dreams as an individual to distinguish it from the monarchy from which it came. The problem is, only a select few really got to pursue that dream simply because of being in the know, thus another “American” monarchy was born under the guise of freedom.

    I’ve thought for several years now that this country needs a revolution. Our government is insanely misguided, just look at the Bush years as an example. Not that I was a support of Obama, but you have to pity the guy for what he inherited. No one really wanted this mess. Could he be the president that it all comes crashing down on? Let’s hope not, but I’m not sure I see any other way around it.

    One of the biggest issues lies in the one thing that did not truly exist when this country was founded, but has become an unprecedented obstacle at every turn in this country…the media. It’s funny you bring up Jobs, because he contributed to the delinquincy of millions of young people in the country with his inventions. Readily making it available for them to pull up not only songs whenever they want, but also whatever propaganda the government wants to stream as well.

    But the misguidedness can’t all fall on the media. Take sports for instance. Why does a baseball player have to make millions of dollars? They play a game and although many of them are very good at it, that’s about ALL they are good at. Some may not speak coherent sentences sometimes or have the brain capacity of a grape fruit. Yet, because they can physically excel, they reap the benefits of those actions, while teachers languish in hell dealing with their’s and other’s kids that all want to be just like them when they grow up.

    Movie stars are even worse. They don’t even live in reality anymore and for some reason EVERYONE in Hollywood is a star these days. I remember when you could count real movie stars on one hand. There were always about 5 per generation, but now ALL OF THEM are stars. That just doesn’t even make sense.

    It goes right along with this belief that no one does anything wrong either. George Carlin said that EVERYONE is an honor student now. No one finds out how stupid they are until their about 27 years old and get fired from their job while their former boss says, “You’re an idiot!” And of course, the parents are just shocked.

    He called it Child Worship and that is definitely another issue that compounds the very nature of the issue in these protests. Don’t get me wrong, you definitely should love and support your children throughout their life, but you don’t tell them how good they are at something when it’s pretty obvious they suck at it. Last I heard that was delusional thinking. Something the Jobs family, along with other rich families, have plenty of.

    The other problem though lies with the protests themselves. Protests just aren’t enough without action, as you pointed out. The 2nd Gulf War still happened and is still happening. For a protest to truly matter it must and has to turn into an outright revolt. And people today, no way are they going to do that. A revolt means sacrifice. It means carnage. It means death! Not many people in this country want to die for anything these days. Isn’t that what the media plays up, “Live as long as you can, the best that you can.” Heck, no one wants to die period and I half expect to see a pill that let’s you live forever invented in the next 50 years. Of course I’ll buy it, if I can afford it.lol

    But in my opinion, it’s already broken down. What we’re waiting for now is the outright collapse and the arrival of Mel Gibson in his black V8 interceptor to give us a way out. I just hope someone can because decidely, something has to change.

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