Virtual Munchies- A Very Harold And Kumar Christmas

I’m not a fan of 3-D movies. They give me a headache. I need to wear my six inch thick prescription glasses underneath the 3-D specs. That is a lot of weight to carry even for my buff nose just to have the bullets actors fire at you seem to come in your direction.  A couple months ago I saw this Hong Kong flick called 3-D Sex and Zen.  No amount of nudity was worth the migraine I earned from trying to read the three dimensional subtitles (especially coupled with the dismembered penises that kept flying from the screen).

But from the first exhale of marijuana smoke blown from Kumar’s mouth, A Very Harold And Kumar Christmas found a rationale for the 3-D effect.  The illusion of second-hand marijuana smoke gets you high. I don’t know how else to explain why I giggled so much at this movie.  Maybe it was the anarchic nature  or the multitude of politically incorrect jokes dispersed throughout. But then why when I got home did I finish a jar of peanut butter using only my pointer finger to scoop it all out?

This is the third movie  in the Harold and Kumar franchise. I suppose at this point they have become the Cheech and Chong of the new millenium popping out stoner buddy comedies every few years. Their first, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, was pretty funny. The second, Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, was kind of a disaster. A Very Harold And Kumar Christmas picks it up a notch. You could complain that it drags at times, but the multitude of raunchy and offensive jokes make it all worthwhile. I can’t remember a movie that pokes fun at Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Gays  and Jews with such gusto while also featuring a toddler getting high on cocaine, weed, and ecstasy.

I’m not sure if this is a movie you should share with your family even if it does have a warm gooey message about friendship and enjoying the holidays, but if you want to get high legally and don’t live in a state that hands out medical marijuana cards like trick or treat candy, this movie offers you the chance.


One thought on “Virtual Munchies- A Very Harold And Kumar Christmas

  1. Thanks for your review. i agree with you that it is not the typical movie you want to see with your family. But i watched it with my GF after smoking some of our freshly harvested Homegrown and it was a blast. I didnt know i had such powerfull weed (just bought some feminized seeds at to try it out ) but especially the 3d stuff, stupid as it was, was amazing fo both of us. i cant wait till the next movie comes out 🙂

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