The Forest Of Dreams

I had a dream. Not like Martin Luther King. Mine made me twitch in my sleep. There was a spider that was somebody’s pet. It was loose and gave my unconscious mind worries.

When I awoke though it was a glorious Saturday. The sky was blue after a week of rain. The humidity had finally left South Florida. It felt almost like a changing of the seasons. When California’s version of autumn came I liked to head for the woods and do some hiking. The closest thing I could think of in my area was Matheson Hammocks in Coral Gables.

The land is flat, but there are a ton of trees and scenic beauty. So my love interest and I got our shoes muddy walking through the area. We got to the end of the trail, where to get back to the car we would have had to walk along the somewhat busy Old Cutler Road which would have killed our nature high. So I figured I could travail the brush and find our way back  through the not so dense woods.

We walked. I led the way as my macho proclivities demanded which got me in trouble. I walked between two trees without looking carefully. I felt a spider web on my head. A spider web with weight. I turned around and asked, “Is there a spider on me?”

To her credit my love interest kept her cool. She said, “hold on,” grabbed her purse and thwacked me on the head. Not once, but several times. For a second I  thought that might have been a response to some of the distasteful jokes I made earlier in the day.

I never saw the spider, but my love interest seemed really concerned it fell in her bag. When I saw her fear I asked how big the spider was. She moved her fingers much further apart than I would have liked.

“Was it hairy?”

“No, but it was yellow and black.”

She tried to look up the spider on the internet to no avail. So instead she looked up what spiders meant when they entered your dream. Creativity. Entrapment. Stagnation. There were as many interpretations for spiders as there were legs.

She was certain it meant something that I had that dream and later that same day a spider appeared on my body. I  wasn’t ready to believe  our dream world can affect outside events in our waking life. Our own actions sure. If I dreamed I died in a car accident I’d be driving safer, but how would a spider know I dreamed about his species. If our minds can affect the outside world then it completely screws up any notion of reality.

But I do know that next night I wasn’t able to sleep at all. I blamed it on a non-existent spider bite.


One thought on “The Forest Of Dreams

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