Hawaii – Part 2 – Aloha Means Love

Click here to read Hawaii Part 1.

The next morning I flew to Honolulu. My love interest’s sister by some cosmic coincidence had just started college there. So I got on the plane to join them. I flew alone, but at the airport made the acquaintance of a local who wanted me to go to church with him that morning. I told him I was Jewish and looked frantically for that yarmulke from the wedding to serve as proof. He asked about my married life. I said I had just gotten engaged, but was not yet married. He immediately asked, “Why buy the cow when you can drink the milk for free, is that how you think?”

I suppose I could have told him I’m vegan and don’t drink milk , but instead I took this opportunity to prove my Jewishness by responding, “I do love a good deal.”

From the airport I hopped on a bus with my love interest and her sister toward Pearl Harbor. We were shown a movie that was sponsored by Boeing, Raytheon, and other members of the military-industrial complex. I was surprised how even handed it was in showing what caused America and Japan to go to war, but I suppose that could be part of their agenda in showing there are many reasons, all of which are justified, to go to war.

A boat takes you out to a memorial on the sunken U.S.S. Arizona, one of the warboats sunk by the Japanese planes. Even though we were in a fairly busy harbor the water was still clear enough that we could see some of the submerged wreckage. What was most impressive was that the seventy year old guide had one of those hula dancer tattoos on his forearm. He was there to speak of the tragedy of December 7, 1941 so I didn’t have the courage to ask him to make her dance.

The next day we took a bus to the trailhead of Mauna Falls. It was a short one mile hike through some of the most beautiful jungles to see the  low pressure falls glistening down the sheer cliff of a mossy mountain.  We put our feet in the water and saw a little red lobster creature chilling in this Eden.

On the way back there was a field of giant stalks of bamboo. We walked into it and I did not want to leave. Unfortunately my love interest had to catch a plane back to Miami. She needed to go back to work and school in a few days. My schedule was more flexible and I knew I would probably never come all the way back here.  So I had two more days to kill.

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