Sometimes I worry that I have too many movie reviews and too much commentary on professional sports on What writing about such topics signifies to me is that not enough interesting things are happening in my daily life to write about. So instead I take the role of the spectator and critique entertainments that I have no part in.

But there is a fallacy to this train of thought, a dangerous fallacy. Because while it is obvious when watching a movie or a sporting event that you are not part of the action (even though the ultimate goal of a movie is for an audience to completely lose itself in it and when I watch a football game on television I often think where I’m standing in the room has a direct correlation on whether the ball gets kicked through the uprights), when you are writing about events in your life you take yourself out of the action too.

When you write about something, you are no longer part of the moment. You are the observer and therefore no longer the subject. The mind can only be conscious of so much and if you are trying to collect every minute detail for later recording there is a chance you can not see  the forest for the trees. Not to mention that facts change as time passes and the memory creates its own reality.

And so for once society and technology are on the same wavelength as me. If you’re going to bother to write, it is better to just transcribe every thought in 140 characters or less.


2 thoughts on “Twits

  1. Let me ask you something, Pablo. With the advent of technology making everyone capable of posting whatever they want, whenever they want, and essentially believing that EVERYONE is a writer, do you ever see the day writers, genuine ones, will become extinct?

    Take my publisher for instance, Publish America. They LITERALLY will publish America! They boast over 10s of thousands of books published per year. Which, to me, means they literally are publishing anyone with a pulse in America that submits a story idea.

    So could “real” writers cease to exist one day, because of this type of mindset? Kindle will let you upload your own book ANYTIME. All you have to do is have the right format and rights to do so.

    But with those Twits, which I like you putting it that way because that’s pretty much what I think of Tweeting on Twitter (and still do not, nor will I ever have an account because it’s just another facebook), could you ever see fans of instantaneous books? Meaning they fans of the series, or whatever, actually read the book as it is being written. Could that happen? I believe the writer would have to be very astute in both grammar and editing to pull that one off without a hitch. But it could happen.

    I personally think all this technology will lead to what scientists call a technological singularity, where technology consumes consciousness and we all become one with the singularity of thought, processes, and cats singing Christmas carols. Indistinguishable from our individual selves. Much like The Borg from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Resistance is futile!

    • We won’t ever run out of writers. There will always be enough self-important people that delude themselves that they have something worthwhile or meaningful to say. I do see us running out of readers though. I personally get intimidated when I step into a library or bookstore and see how many books are out there. That’s not to mention the number of words that are floating around the information supercloud. Just on this site alone I have written over 3o0 posts, hundreds of thousands of words that I once deemed important enough to share, that are always around for some poor sap to read, which is pretty cool, but at the same time slightly depressing.

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