Thumbs Up

They’re always trying to take away our freedoms. I don’t mean the Fox News version of taking away our freedoms which entails not being able to own automatic weapons and having to pay taxes. But the cheap and easy freedoms like hitchhiking.

You stick your thumb out on the side of the road and if you’re lucky enough to get a ride, you might not get to your destination, but you’ll certainly get a story out of it. They’ve fed our minds that all hitchhikers are serial killers and anyone who picks up a hitchhiker is a rapist, so that we can all save up and buy our own cars which completely and utterly destroys any possibility of adventure (unless you use that car for drag racing).

But the best part of freedom is the first syllable, which means it don’t cost nothing. About a month ago I spent a night at a hostel in  Hawaii. This place was filled with skinflints. I thought I was cheap but when I had to get to the town ten miles away and was going to pay $2.50 to catch a bus, this big German told me not to be silly and wasteful to blow that much money and to stick my thumb out instead.

And so we did. One car passed by and then another and then a hundred others. I was ready to hop on the next bus, but finally a car pulled over. We got in. The driver asked where we were going. We told him the next town. The German specified, “The bank”. 

“I hope you’re not planning to use me as a getaway driver.” the driver joked. He was a laid back guy with his only complaint being the amount of child support he had to pay, but he was very generous with sharing his transportation.

So now, I suppose, I’m due to pay the good deed forward. Not necessarily by picking up the next dirty hippy freeloader looking to bum a ride, but to encourage you, dear reader, to do so.


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