The Toll Of Poor Health

There is a toll you must pay if you want to head east on the 836 toward Miami Beach. I had my one dollar twenty five cents ready for a quick transaction. I picked the lane all the way to the right as it had the least amount of cars, but for some reason it was moving much slower than the other lanes.

Finally it was my turn to pay. A large black woman with a right hand full of bills manned the station. As I pulled up she let out one of the nastiest death rattling coughs I had ever heard into her bare left hand. Fortunately as mentioned above I had exact change, but I still wanted to avoid contact with this plague she was carrying. If I had a slingshot I would have slung the bill and coin to her rather than come so close to her gloveless mucus dripping hand.

Now it is well established that I am as  cheap a bastard as they come, but if I had given her two dollars or even five dollars for the $1.25 toll, I would have told her to keep that change. So I wondered if the slow roll of traffic in her lane was due to people having to consider the price of their health. Is seventy five cents worth avoiding sickness or is three seventy five or even eighteen seventy five?  

Going to work sick to this job could be the equivalent of a Christmas bonus making an extra ten to twenty bucks an hour.


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