Sweet Valentine – A Short Story

“I love you, Sugar Pie.”

“Not as much as I love you, Honey Tart.”

“I wouldn’t bet on that, Sweet Pea.”

“I’d bet all the money in the world and then some, Cream Puff.”

“Cream Puff? Are you saying I need to work out?”

“No. You’re perfect just the way you are, my Gooey Marshmallow.”

“Gooey Marshmallow? Why don’t you just say it, you think I’m fat.”

“I like you being a little plump, my Apple Crumble.”

“Can you stop with all the food imagery. It’s making me hungry.”

“I’m hungry too, my Fuzzy Wuzzy Peach.”

“Do you want to order Thai food? Ow, my arm! Stop biting it. That hurts! Aiiiii!!!!! Help! Ahhhh!!!!! Please stop!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!”

“You taste just as good as you look, Sugar Plum.”

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