Saving For Rainy Days

As you bike the rain clouds make true on their promise. A drizzle becomes a solid rain and you decide to take shelter under a sea grape tree. The canopy keeps you dry until the rain really starts to come down. Then the large drops of water begin seeping through the leaves. You take further refuge under a thick branch but as time passes you are undoubtedly as wet as you would have been if you had just stayed under the elements. 

Somewhere there is a metaphor in there or at the very least a cliché. As if to prove this point when the rain finally settles down from monsoon level to a mere downpour an egret swoops down on a patch of grass. The early bird who catches the worm.

You tell yourself to take advantage of this situation. The characters in the Bible always found wisdom when dealing with epic weather. Although heavy rain isn’t  comprable to a burning bush that talks and it’s probably megalomaniacal to be comparing yourself to Moses anyway.

But these are the things you think about when you wait out the rain. And when it does stop and you bike a little further along you notice fifty yards away was an actual shelter with an eave that would have kept you bone dry. And you realize somewhere in there is another metaphor.


One thought on “Saving For Rainy Days

  1. It’s probably the 11th Commandment:

    “Thou shalt have no sense when it comes to the weather.”

    That’s why God created The Weather Channel. Even Moses would say, “Repent, ADULTEROUS!!!”

    Wait, sorry, that was John the Baptist. I sometimes get my Charlton Heston characters confused. They had such variety!

    Every movie, they all acted the same. I watched Ten Commandents once and kept waiting for him to say his famous line, “Take your paws off me you damn, dirty ape!” Then I realized I had the wrong movie. That was actually Ben

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