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I never realized why I signed up for Twitter until I read the following “tweets” all delivered in somewhat rapid succession by the same “tweeter”.

2:00 PM  You ever leave the house after a shower and forget to put deodorant on haha

2:15 PM Had to buy some on the way to the destination. (A picture of deodorant included in tweet).

2:25 PM I have the belief that I can walk in a room and walk out with your girlfriend.

After reading these comments (which I swear to God were actually posted using those exact words and in that exact order) I now understand the usefulness of Twitter. It is a way to show your true self to the world. In case you’re not following me @pablochiste here is a diary of my most recent tweets.

9:07 AM Just woke up. What up world?

 12:03 PM Grabbed some lunch. Bean burritos are the bomb!

1:01 PM Stomach feels weird.

1:05 PM Liquid explosion!

1:07 PM Don’t you hate public bathrooms. They never have soap.

1:11 PM. Just ran into @DanJones. Dude must be working out. Has a real firm handshake.

3:52 PM Miami drivers are so rude.

3:53 PM Honking your horn just makes me drive slower.

3:54 PM I’m not moving til I finish this tweet.

4:11 PM I hate cops. A ticket for obstructing traffic?

6:12 PM Eating peanut butter straight out of the jar is yummy.

6:34 PM Plucking out a gray hair.

7:02 PM FML! Someone thought I had poop in my hair. Then remembered peanut butter. Lol

7:42 PM Watching basketball.

8:34 PM I heart beer ads.

9:25 PM #MiamiHeat suck!

9:52 PM #MiamiHeat will be world champs!

11:25 PM I hate inconsistent people.

1:22 AM Someone wanted to do lunch tomorrow. I told him real entrepreneurs like me are too busy for lunch.

1:52 AM Bedtime. Early morning brunch meeting at noon.


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