The Low Cost Of Doing Business

This recession America is in can not end. Unless we subscribe to socialism where everyone gets a fair share of the pie there is no way a middle class will ever get the pay America’s last generations were accustomed to for a hard days work. Globalization and the internet have driven wages much lower than Americans are used to living on, so unless society subsidizes health care and education we can kiss those luxuries good-bye.

Pablo Chiste Industries occasionally needs to hire freelancers. We’d prefer to hire American, not so I could stay consistent with the American flag lapel pinned on my business suits, but because most of the work  requires formatting the written word, so it would help it the graphic designer or programmer knew what they were working with and that we felt comfortable they understood their task. But when we posted the job on a freelance site, seven people bid for the job, and the American wanted the most money. The Macedonian, Chinese, and Bangladeshi underbid him. Not by half, but by 85%. I’m not sure how good their work will be, but it’s hard to beat these prices.

Shopping for employees reminds me of when you go to a foreign country and you’re buying souvenirs at a market. You are told never to pay the listed price, that the merchants are even insulted if you don’t try to negotiate with them. So if they are selling a hookah for the equivalent of twenty dollars, you offer to buy it for ten dollars and they sell it to you for fifteen. But then you find out some other American bought the exact same hookah for five dollars. At a certain point you wonder if  a customer has said “I will take that hookah if you give me five dollars.” Will the merchant then respond, “You can take it, but I will only give you two dollars.”

These foreigners can live on the smallest of profit margins and not only that, they have working knowledge of every foreign language. Spanish, English, French, German, Italian. I am uncertain how it is America is the one running the world.

I suppose that is the benefit of a formal education. We learned the best ways to exploit other’s work.


2 thoughts on “The Low Cost Of Doing Business

  1. For one thing, I don’t believe other countries take themselves as seriously as Americans do. We’re the most hypocritical, at twice the price. Everyone in America believes they are entitled to not only a piece of the pie, but the whole thing! We all think we deserve that big house in suburbia, with not one but TWO SUVs, 10 dogs, 5 cats, 4 kids, 3 birds, 2 401Ks (worth 10 million apiece), and a patridge in a pear tree.

    My grandparents lived through the depression as kids and teenagers. These people not only do not spend money lavishly on any amenities, they save the tin foil that has been USED to cover their leftovers after they eat them! When you consider those people that under bid the American vying for your job, they probably live lifestyles similar to my grandparents, rather than my generation who thinks they should have it all. That’s the mindset that is truly needed, starting with the President and Congress, with a trickle down effect. We need to start doing more with less, and be willing to take a pay cut, give up things we don’t need or are not absolutely useful.

    Socialism doesn’t work any better than capitalism has, so what is the in-between, the common ground we could find that incorporates both so that it doesn’t seem we are being dictated over, but still have some freedom to pursue the dream?

  2. The funny part is all this American “post-empire” (as Ellison calls it) economy is being floated by trillions of Chinese dollars. It seems like a super-smart move. It seems like the USA can just decide one-day not only to ignore paying back the interest, but just to wipe off the whole debt.

    If Obama cuts the national debt back down to like 5 Trillion, by just saying “Screw China… We’re not paying you back” then those freelancer rates would get even lower.

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