Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck – The Three Stooges

When I heard they were remaking the Three Stooges into a movie it excited me as much as a colonoscopy. But as I settled into my seat and that old familiar three blind mice theme song came on accompanied with a colorized rendition of the title card that started every Three Stooges episode I found my mood warming.

I was transported back to a childhood of face slapping, pie fighting, insulting and pratfalling. Sure Curly was now bigger, Moe a little less ugly, and Larry slightly more Gentile, but the laughs came just as hard and furiously as when I was seven years old.

Part of my initial prejudice against this movie was that it was directed by The Farrelly Brothers. The Farrelly Brothers started their career strong with Dumb and Dumber, Kingpin, and There’s Something About Mary, but somewhere along the way they picked up some awfully lazy habits. There are always laugh out loud moments in their films, but their movies look really cheap and the performances of supporting characters are generally awful. In part this is because many of the roles are played by non-actor friends of the directors or non-acting celebrities.

The Three Stooges is guilty of this sin as the cast of Jersey Shore, swimsuit model Kate Upton, and basketball player Dwight Howard all show up. But all this gimmicky casting is made up for by snagging Larry David to play a nun. After seeing this movie I realize the show Curb Your Enthusiasm was one big audition tape to play a foil for The Three Stooges. But the Farrelly Brothers’ true redemption comes from the hilarious performances of The Three Stooges. Just thinking of those mugs brings a smile to my face.

This new Three Stooges movie does not try to reinvent the wheel. Sure it is in a modern day setting, but most of the jokes are taken hook, line, and sinker from the old 1930’s films. Moe pulls hair and pokes eyes, Curly drops heavy weights on unsuspecting schmoes, and Larry grins goofy as he accidentally elbows Curly in the bazonkers. If you’re into slapstick, puns, and physical humor, this movie is heaven. If you don’t like that kind of humor and are too sophisticated to laugh at booger jokes then you probably wouldn’t be reading this web site anyway.


4 thoughts on “Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck – The Three Stooges

  1. At least they didn’t ruin it by making it a “Black” comedy like The Honeymooners. Jackie Gleason was probably rolling over in his grave over that one. However, I’m sure Tyler Perry was looking into this trio hard!

    Wasn’t much of a Three Stooges fan as a kid, but did get nice laugh or two sometimes. Will definitely watch it most likely on video, however. I personally think you sould have had a picture of Chipper Jones for Larry since the character has scarred him for life!lol

    • There was an African American version of Caddyshack that came out a few years ago too called Who’s Your Caddy.
      I could see Charles Barkley as Curly, Andre 3000 as Larry, but who could play Moe? Samuel L Jackson? Louis Farrakhan?

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