The Power Of The Sun


Whether it is a ball of a gas millions of miles away or a golden God moved by chariot from East to West across the sky each day, the sun has a lot of power. One day, just one day outside in the elements and it can barbecue you.

I had to be outside two days in a row in the open air through the hottest part of the day. I had a hat on and I thought I’d lathered the right areas of my body, (that includes the neck, the ears, and most importantly the schnoz for as an elder family member once told me, “Jews have to protect their beaks.”), but parts of me suffered. My wrists  and hands hurt and even stranger, since I wore a collared shirt the front of my neck and the top of my chest were a flamingo pink. The next day I made sure to cover those areas only to come back that night with my calves crisp to the touch.

These sunburns were mild, no blisters or peeling, but severe enough so that a hot shower would cause pain, are reminders of the frailty of the human body. There is so much that can hurt us. The cold and the heat made sense, but a beautiful eighty degree spring day can also hurt us?

Let us give a toast to commemorate the toughness of the sun survivors. These nomads who wander through the deserts for years. The castaways lost in sea on a skimpy raft. The professional suntanners whose skin is a golden brown before settling into a leathery hide. They are far tougher than we give them credit for.


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