La Cucaracha

There was a cockroach in my dream. Big as a shoe crawling around all slow the way cockroaches do before you try to kill them. As I looked at the cockroach more carefully I could see it was part frog and I believe in my dream someone called it a frog cockroach.

The dream was stressful. I was unsure whether I should kill it just for existing. If I did, how would I kill it?

I woke up. My throat was parched from the dream.

I was about to walk into the kitchen to get a glass of water, but I stopped myself. There might be a cockroach in there.

So I went into the bathroom and drank out of the sink.


One thought on “La Cucaracha

  1. This post (especially the picture that I refuse to scroll back up to) made me cringe!!! I hate roaches, and I’ve seen about two in my house over the last six months (1 dead, 1 living), which unnerves you because they say if you see one there could be many more lurking. But I think my absolute hate for these creatures stems from the film Damnation Alley back in the 80’s.

    It was a movie about a Post-Apocalyptic world where World War III has already happened and people are trying to find the “Promised Land” of safety and salvation. But it had some really disturbing parts to me. One was the scene with giant scorpions devouring a human being. Now, that was far fetched to believe radiation would make them grow that large in a relatively short time period, so it was just mildly moving in a scary way.

    But the one that bugged me, no pun intended, was when Paul Winfield (Captain Terrell from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan) encountered some man-eating roaches!!! The radiation didn’t appear to make these grow much bigger than they are today, but with more bite. The freakin things ate him alive! Now, the producers were kind enough not to show us the things eating him in all it’s gory detail like they probably would today. But it was still scary and you could certainly empathize with his character’s plight as he was trying to get away from the things anyway he could to no avail. That scene stuck with me for years and I to this day I want to kill every freakin bug I see just in the off chance that should World War III ever happen, and I survive, at least I won’t be eaten by those bugs after the

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