Internet Killed the Video Store

Are you aware video stores still exist? I recently went into one. I was the only customer except for a sagebrush that rolled by me in the new releases section.

It felt like I was in a museum exhibit. The store looked just like they did in the eighties. Now they have blu-rays instead of Beta Max, but the lay-out of the store was the same.

Back in the day it was always exciting to go to the video store. Look at the weird covers of movies you never heard of, pass by other movies which you had seen but had forgotten existed. Then there was always the barrel of laughs you got when you snuck into the adult movie section. They had a creative punster coming up with some of those titles. Chitty Chitty Gang Bang. In And Out Of Africa. Sweet Homo Alabama.

There are on-line grocers, but I still like to inspect the fruit before I purchase it. I could buy comic books on-line but I still drive 20 miles to the closest comic book store once a month. I had forgotten it was the same with movies. I actually like to walk around and browse through all the aisles to find some hidden gem. You can kind of get that feeling from Netflix or IMDB, but the ability to change what you’re looking at with a click of a finger lowers your attention span so you look without really seeing.

God bless the video store owners, they’ve tried to keep providing us that same experience as Beta Max morphed to VHS, flirted with laser disc, and married DVDs, but inconvenience has killed stronger relationships than the consumer has with video stores.

So if you’re looking for something to do on this laid back Monday night, I’d recommend taking one last spin to a video store, rent a movie, and don’t return it. Once they go out of business that late fee will be as meaningless as the three dollars your great-great-grandfather owed the Pony Express.


One thought on “Internet Killed the Video Store

  1. Unfortunately the main video stores I used to frequent as a child, teenager, and young adult are all gone now. Closest one is on the other side of town that I would just soon not visit. Really sad though, end of an era. I too loved going on Friday nights with my parents and later my friends to purchase video games or movies we’d want to spend the weekend watching at home. Now, with the internet, everything is one click away. I personally believe, one of these days, someone is going to click something and blow the entire planet up. Then we can say I told you so, while watching Forest

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