Butt Out

Memorial Day Weekend in Miami Beach has taken the euphemism of Urban Beach Weekend as African-Americans from around the country come to party on the island. There were a couple shootings last year, but I don’t think there was enough crime to merit the number of police and road blockages that occupied Miami Beach over the last weekend in May. Not to mention the helicopters the city had flying overhead to monitor the presence of an abundance of people with a darker pigment of skin.

But old habits, like racism, die hard. My only problem with the weekend is the amount of trash that is left on the beach, but there are no more beer cans and food wrappers littered over this weekend then there are when Caucasian knuckleheads invade South Beach over Spring Break who get to frolic and treat our coastline like a trashcan without the indignity of police harassment.

The most interesting thing about the weekend is the different types of photographs that are being taken. Cameras always come out on the beach, but usually when girls pose for the camera, they flash their pearly whites and smile face first. Over this weekend, I noticed the backsides are the focus of pictures. Butts out, barely covered by thongs, are the stars. And I’m not talking about butts that necessarily get a lot of exercise either.

People are often scared by what they don’t understand, but in a sign of solidarity I decided to do the same. To protest the racist treatment by the city of Miami Beach I invite you too, to take your pictures with your butt out.


3 thoughts on “Butt Out

  1. I have to admit, when I saw the title of this post I was concerned what image I would be seeing. Fortunately, it was covered. 🙂 It’s amazing to me how most of the people that don’t mind flaunting their ASSets are the very ones you NEVER want to see that way. Not sure why that is, but maybe one day when I’ve died and gone on to heaven, perhaps God can answer that question for me, because no one else on this planet can. I think this one might even stump Him.

  2. Personally, I hope that women thrusting their big, round, shapely butts out as a form of protest takes off and catches on all across the country and around the world.

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