Up All Night With The Miami Heat

I figured when the Miami Heat won the NBA championship in 2006 I would no longer care very deeply about sports. A team I rooted for had finally won a championship. At the moment of victory we had a good night where we cracked open a bottle of champagne, sat in the hot tub and chanted “Let’s Go Heat” a thousand times. But cities did not crumble and unicorns did not fly from the sky. I figured since the world around me did not change when my team was a winner, losses for teams I rooted for would no longer affect me either.

But since LeBron James signed with the Miami Heat in 2010 these games affect me more than ever. Whereas at one time I am certain I would watch games seated in a chair, I now watch nearly every minute standing up. Plays in the first quarter (which I know from a lifetime of viewing professional basketball are completely inconsequential to the final outcome of a game) kill me. After a close, troubling loss I find that I can not even sleep.

My love interest is convinced I am secretly gambling on the games. She can not understand why else a loss impacts my mood so much. I don’t get it either. But what I do know is if the Heat don’t win this championship, I will be a grouch. I will express conspiracy theories that the National Basketball Association is as scripted an affair as a presidential debate.

And no pillow in the world will feel comfortable enough.


2 thoughts on “Up All Night With The Miami Heat

  1. It’s not just the first quarter.

    Aside from the fact the game morphs into technicalities, fouls and legal arbitration during the last two-minutes, the whole league has no consideration for actually allowing players to win games.

    Case in point – these ridiculous “play-offs” and the whole two-leagues in one bullshit. This results in the entirety of the league record being worthless. It doesn’t matter if a team did great or poorly during the season, as that record of those wins have no correlation to winning the season. If you make it to the play-offs, everything is “reset.”

    And this bullshit of not playing every team an equal number of times? If you’re not doing this, how can you possibly equate one team’s results against another’s?

    The horseshit sport you’re fixated upon has nothing to do with the player’s ability. That’s just a marketing angle to sell merchandise. The reality of whether or not he Heat win has nothing to do with the season or the players ability. It all comes down to a coin-flip with 15 seconds to go, after the game has been interrupted 8 times in the last two-minutes, so that some guys in suits can figure out if they trip one guy they have a statistical advantage and can argue over footage replay what actually happened.

    If the sport was played for 90 minutes, without stopping, and you played every team the same number of time and wins actually mattered all season long you’d have a sport. Right now you’re watching sports announcer bravado and guys with pens sitting behind office furniture arguing about what just happened. LeBron is no factor in who wins games.

  2. Its called love for one’s team. Most of the times its not easy, sometimes its downright abusive. But most of all, it always leaves you wanting more. Tell wifey that guys aren’t wired with much sophistication.. The same love we have for them, is the love we have for our dedicated teams..
    On second thought, maybe don’t tell her that… (da Bulls!!)

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