Flesh Eating Monsters

Memorial Day Weekend when all the cops were on South Beach trying to make African-American vacationers inconvenienced and uncomfortable, across the bridge a homeless man was being eaten alive. You have probably heard of this on your local news coverage. It is all anyone spoke about in Miami for a solid week as many compared it to a zombie apocalypse.

What I’ve heard from many disreputable sources is that a divorced, former football player got jacked up on a drug called bath salts. These drugs made him feel very hot and so he took off his clothes. While naked he got in a fight with an older, homeless man and began eating his face. The police showed up and told the naked cannibal to stop eating. The cannibal did not stop. The police shot him in the chest and the cannibal still continued to bite into the homeless man’s face. Finally he was shot to death, but most terrifying the homeless man is still alive.

You can find pictures of his face on the internet. I advise against it. It is beyond gruesome. With his eyeball digested in a corpse it does not even look like a face.

When I was a kid I checked out a book from the library about circus side show attractions. Included was a photograph of John Merrick, the Elephant Man. He was so severely deformed, his photograph made me anxious when I just thought about it. The victim of the cannibal attack who is still alive has replaced the Elephant Man at the apex of my pyramid for sympathy.

I know life is precious and modern medicine can do amazing things, but if that attack happened to me I would beg for death. It keeps me awake at night thinking of this poor guy and the depravity of the human soul. I know many blame the attack on the drugs, but there had to be something dark and twisted already lurking inside this cannibal to do something so vicious to another human being. And what scares me more is there are probably others like him who just need a trigger to inflict the worst kind of pain.


2 thoughts on “Flesh Eating Monsters

  1. All kidding aside about the zombie stuff, this was a horrible incident that got it’s infamy more for a zombie scare than for genuine concern for the man that was mangled. Of course, hits about “bath salts” turn up anything from zombies to government conspiracies, to Ben Gay. But, as you said, something more had to be going on with this crazed maniac. Why would you do that? A human being with the ability to reason logically, regardless of whether they are on something or not, should not have done something like this. This was a monster and he got what he deserved.

    I often have had to question people I knew from my youth that claimed they couldn’t remember anything they did the night before, after drinking more than a fish in alcohol. My reason for questioning? The only time I can not recall something that took place with me, after consuming rather large quantities of alcohol to the point I was very intoxicated, was when I passed out completely. Otherwise, I was fully aware of the circumstances that led up to my passing out. And that only happened once!

    Being “on something”, to me, is just another victimization of people in this country because no one “rational” would do something like that otherwise. I don’t believe that. I believe that insanity is just a mere thought away, and is as simple as deciding whether or not you want mayo on your burger. There’s an excruciatingly thin line between right and wrong that people frequently teeter on everyday. Now yes, drugs do help people be more motivated, possibly, to do something they otherwise might not do, but you still have to decide to do it!

    But, even my DOGS know better than to attack someone and eat their face. Why? They know they’ll die for it! If a dog can figure that out, why can’t a human on bath salts do the same?

    As for the homeless guy, that’s just awful. I haven’t tried to look at the pics because I’m not sure I want to. When you see people struggling for life, exploitation isn’t the way to go. I hope someone is helping this man in someway and I hope the authorities are trying to decipher what went wrong and find ways to prevent it from ever happening again.

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