Air Conditioning

Growing up I always had a chunk of phlegm trying to make its way out of my throat. After a certain amount of time I blamed this malady on the air conditioning. I was convinced this man made device made me sick.

Like Dr. Frankenstein with his monster, humanity with its attempts to conquer the weather, literally caused ill effects. I was convinced of this fact to the point where one summer when I had a job where I had to drive around Miami in a van with black seats I still wouldn’t turn on the ac.

When I moved to California with its balmy summers, my embargo was not such a sacrifice. The air conditioning unit in my car stopped working because it never got any run. The wall units in my apartment also never had the opportunity to run up my electric bill. But the temperate weather did soften me. Now that I am back in Miami suffering the oppressive heat, I do not voice as much contempt against air conditioning.

I let the air conditioning run knowing that while my room gets cooler, the globe gets warmer and my throat gets phlegmier.


5 thoughts on “Air Conditioning

  1. Hey, Dave, I relate to this…I also grew up in an a/c home every summer and I did not appreciate the problem until years later…i still don’t have a/c at home here in NYC…I stay in the office until late in the evening traditionally….great to see you last month…Bill

  2. My In-laws keep their house colder in the summer than it is in the winter. That’s to say…it’s 22 in the house in winter and about 15 in summer….that’s celsius. In-Sane!!!!

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