Interview With Miami Heat Superfan does not deal in sloppy seconds. LeBron James would not talk to us until after speaking with David Letterman. Dwyane Wade took a sit down with Oprah Winfrey first and Erik Spoelstra had an exclusive interview with Highlights Magazine. And so to make sure we’d give you something fresh and unseen to help you celebrate the Miami Heat’s 2012 NBA championship, has an exclusive interview with Miami Heat Superfan, Arturo Gaudi. We spoke with Arturo outside the Miami Heat’s championship parade on Biscayne Boulevard on Monday, June 25.

Arturo, what makes you the Miami Heat’s number one fan?

Bro, I’ve been following this team ever since day one. Ever since we got LeBron. No, I’m just playing. I was a fan when we got Shaq. Then for some reason the Heat stopped playing games for a minute. Then we got LeBron and I called up Pat Riley and I was like , “Yo Pat, what you need?”

What did Miami Heat President, Pat Riley, need from you?

Just to give the team some flavor. I give the team energy.

So you go to all the games?

No, bro, but when I watch the games and I drink a shot of tequila and we do something good, I keep drinking and we keep doing good shit. I don’t care how faded I get. I’m all about team.

Your friend tells me you’re the one who started the chant of “Refs you suck” whenever a referee makes a bad call at a Heat game.

To be honest with you I can’t take all the credit. I used to hear people in the neighborhood say that whenever a Haitian family moved in. But, yo, I did start the “Kobe sucks” chant. We were sitting high in the stands. High on some real good bud watching a game and my homeboy, Javie, said to me, “Kobe sucks”. And I was like yeah, “Kobe sucks.” And I said it louder and then I said it again and next thing I know the whole arena was yelling “Kobe sucks”.

That’s an inspiring story. At which year’s Lakers game did you start the disparaging chant against Los Angeles guard Kobe Bryant?

Lakers? No, bro, that was at a Bulls game.

Are you already excited for the season to start in November?

You don’t even know. We gonna be getting ready for the season partying every night until six in the morning. Let’s go Heat!


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