Religious Harmony

At the local farmer’s market I was privy to a scene that many would celebrate as a triumph of multiculturalism. At the Indonesian food stand a woman in a Muslim headdress was speaking amicably with a Jewish customer wearing a yarmulke. Isn’t this the moment all the peaceniks have been paying for? That people with different credos could enjoy each other’s company.

But all my cynical mind could think about was what was going on in their heads. Was she thinking “What a schmuck. Walking around in that silly hat when he’s just going to be damned in hell.”

 Was he thinking, “Man she cooks some good food, too bad her life is based on lies.”

That’s the thing about religion, if one of them is right then the rest of them have it wrong. You’d think two billion Christians couldn’t possibly all be misled, but if they’re right, then it’s 1.5 billion Muslims and a billion Hindus that have been duped.  You could say there are truths to be gained from all faiths, but that means there are falsehoods too.


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