Rev Up The Search Engine – 2012 Model

About a year and a half ago I posted Rev Up The Search Engine, which showed what terms people typed in to Google and other search engines to find Some of the words or phrases made sense, such as if you typed in my name, David Rolland, or Pablo Chiste. Other terms just made me scratch my head.

You would think if people typed in “the height of wit” into a search engine,, would be what comes up. But unfortunately I set the bar much too high. The audience that stumbles upon this web site is much more crass. Readers of this web site are more likely to have their minds in the gutter than on the path toward higher consciousness.

Here’s a top ten list of actual terms typed in by actual people that ended up on this little parcel of the information superhighway. Perhaps this can be the start of a tradition. Any time I lack the imagination to write up something creative for your amusement, expect a new rev up the search engine posting.

10) Gangster paradise

9) Have a big ass weekend

8 ) What does Ryan Gosling call his penis?

7) Drunk people falling

6) LeBron spending money

5) Suck sweaty balls

4) Grumpy black man

3) Elvis karate chop

2) Is Larry Crowne retarded?

1) Vegan girl with great ass


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