Pablo Chiste Turns Three

Websites might age in dog years, but it was three human years ago today that Pablo Chiste taught the band to play. I apologize if we act our age with all the crying and burping.

On August 10, 2009 in a post titled “Hello World” Pablo Chiste entered the realm of digital publishing or blogging or being a journal of narcissism or whatever this is that 128,753 readers (as of August 4, 2012) have so kindly been reading the past 1,096 days.

Three years ago I had just come back to the States from Spain. I wrote a day by day narrative detailing the trip. Much of it simply documented drinking and staying up past sunrise, but somewhere in there were kernels of truth about the human condition (or so I believed). I realized just because my time in Spain had ended, that did not mean the adventure had to stop. I had been writing my entire adult life, it was about time I took advantage of the times we live in and the ease with which we can distribute our thoughts and words throughout the known planet. And so the legend of Pablo Chiste and his megalomaniacal delusions of grandeur began.

I did not know where or when this would stop or go and am grateful I have had the time and health to update it every two or three days for the past three years. Early on in this endeavor I figured after 450 postings I would have run out of material to write about, but fortunately this is a crazy world we live in with inspiration behind every corner. And I have come to the conclusion if I can not find two or three things to write about each week, I only have a lack of creativity to blame.

So thank you for indulging this and please stick around. All refreshments will be on the house.


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