The Republican Convention – The Intouchables

If the Republican Party was smart at their convention they would show the foreign film, The Intouchables before Mitt Romney spoke. This touching movie would not leave a dry eye in the house. Admittedly it is in French which would not play well with the party that wanted to change the name of French fries to freedom fries. They also might want to edit out the movie’s Laissez le bon temps rouler stance on marijuana use, immigration, and homosexual cohabitation, but as far as economic policy the Intouchables would be more effective than a million Paul Ryan stump speeches.

This movie is about Driss, an ex-con who applies to work as a caretaker for Philippe, a wealthy quadriplegic. Driss only applied for the job so he could collect welfare. Phillipe challenges Driss that he is not man enough to work for his money. Driss takes the job and a friendship forms helping the two men to expand their horizons while reminding them both what it is to be alive.

This is a sensational movie that has you laughing and wiping your eyes with your sleeves. After seeing it I could almost see myself voting Republican. Perhaps the GOP is right and the poor need their food stamps, medical care, education, and public housing cut. The poor will thrive with their shackles cut from the oppression of public assistance. The rich in turn need their taxes slashed, so they can use their saved money to hire the poor to work for them. In exchange for room and board, the impoverished can drive the rich around, cook and clean for them, and even wipe their asses.

It is a beautiful message and if the Republicans were smart they’d get Marco Rubio off the stage, screen The Intouchables with the voices of Will Smith and Jack Nicholson dubbed in, and the USA could be theirs again to do with what they will.


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