Lounge Lizards

The lizards are lurking. If you look carefully they are everywhere. Brown and green. Big and small. Smooth and scaly.  Look at the trees and see them hopping back and forth. Watch the sidewalks and see them scurrying.

The lizards are so plentiful that cats play with them, torturing the prey with their furry paws. Children use the reptile as scientific projects cutting off their tails to watch them grow back.

In our homes we breathe a sigh of relief when from the corner of our eyes we notice something small crawling around and it is only a lizard and not a cockroach or mouse. We tease the iguana basking in the sun scaring him back into his hole.

But once the lizards ruled the earth. Large and terrible and vicious. We should be careful if the cliche has some truth and history does repeat itself.


2 thoughts on “Lounge Lizards

  1. I must say, I have been noticing the lizards more lately. Saw one today on my way into a Grille on campus. Almost put my hand on it because it was lurking on the rail. You know, history could repeat itself.

    Sixty-five million years ago, the lizard/birds, were bigger than us and more fierce in the regard that they didn’t go out of their way to destroy one another unless it was really necessary for food. We, mammals, were the small creatures scurrying about, getting laughed at by the big lizards, as they stepped on us, ate us, peed on us, and bit off our tails to watch us cry.

    December 21, 2012 is still fast approaching. Let’s hope our date with destiny doesn’t lead to an overly evolved lizard writing a blog 65 million years from now that calls him or herself Pablo Skin Licker, who is constantly harrassed by a responder named Jason Ground Hugger, discussing how humans were once mighty and ruled the earth. And that Pablo will have about as many hits as this one does.

    Talk about repeating history!lol

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