Business Is Bad

A store just opened down the street. They advertised it as a health food store, but they do not sell any foods. They sell vitamins and supplements and books about proper health care that appear as though they were stored in a box that was put away in 1982. Perhaps the owners had access to a time capsule that others had forgotten about. In the month or two since the store opened I have never once seen a customer in the store.  I notice this quite a bit. There are many stores out there, that I drive or walk by that seem eternally empty. This could be a mark against the economy, but was there ever a time when one could turn a profit with a store that sells only shoes?

When I explain or demonstrate this “health food store” to a third party the usual explanation for its existence is it’s a money laundering operation. Criminals looking for a way to spend their ill gotten gains without the IRS coming after them invest in a shell business as a way to explain their ability to buy fancy cars and chic clothes. But that seems like a lot of work. To be a successful criminal you not only have to get away with an illegal activity, but you also have to set yourself up with a real job?

Crime really does not pay.


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