West Coast Hunger Games – Part 4 – The Convertible Diaries

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You haven’t lived until you have driven across the Golden Gate Bridge in a convertible. In fact you might be dead if you have not zoomed on a road where the only roof is supplied by the canopy of a redwood forest.  There is even a possibility  you are a flesh eating zombie if you drove down the winding road of Lombard Street without your car’s top down. All of my overeating allowed for me to finally live.

My Love Interest (who was unable to join me on the first legs of my west coast eating tour) met me in San Francisco. I told her to be sure to wear some flowers in her hair.

We went to pick up the rental car where there was an immediate problem. The woman at the rental counter said, “Sir, on your reservation you said you weighed 175 pounds.”

“I did when I made the reservation.”

“The car you picked wouldn’t start with your newfound girth. You should be fine in any of our other cars.”

“For the same price as the supercompact option?”

“Yes, sir.”

“I’ll take the convertible Ford Mustang then.”

And like that I was driving at high speeds to my favorite restaurant in the world. Whenever I come to San Francisco my sister asks how many times are you going to eat at Herbivore? This time the answer was four. I made the hat trick of hitting all three branches of this vegan restaurant. One in Berkeley, one in the Mission, and twice on Divisadero. I also hit my favorite bakery, Arizmendi.

Most dangerous of all was a visit to Club Wazima. Club Wazima is a bar that serves Ethiopian food. For those unfamiliar with Ethiopian food it is served in various forms of goop on a plate of spongy flat bread called injera. Sensitive stomachs need not apply. What makes Club Wazima particularly dangerous is that if you order the vegetarian plate, they will continue to serve you until 11 PM or your stomach bursts. Fortunately we began eating late that evening.

The ample room of a topless car allowed space for my new found size and we could cruise to my favorite destinations. One drive in particular always brings back fond memories. When I lived in the area I noticed on a map a small road that went from Palo Alto to the ocean. One day when I was bored I sought out this route.

Page Mill Road grows more amazing each mile you pass. You climb up what I would call a mountain and what they call a foothill until you get a clear view of Silicon Valley. Continue west and you hit a peak where you get a green view of untouched California. Descend into the redwoods and if you are lucky you might run into an Ewok or two. Continue to the Pacific Ocean and if you walk out to the beach you can explore the caves of San Gregorio.

The drive was even more beautiful than my memories portrayed it. But all this beuaty, all of these good times, all of this fantastic fortune of being able to spend time with friends and family I had not seen in some time due to a continent seperating us were blocked by one thought, when would be eating next?


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