Vote Early, Vote Often!

We are told if you don’t vote, you can’t complain. That would be true because then you would not be waiting two hours in the hot sun for your right to fill in a circle next to the name of your favorite reality television star whether it be Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, or Roseanne Barr.

I’m glad Barack Obama won, his victory speech proved him to be the more charismatic and inspiring entertainer, but can we now all agree that politics is just a form of entertainment, a diversion for the masses that don’t like sports or the Real Housewives?

I hear all this talk about the nation being in a fiscal crisis, but if we used all the money spent on political rallies, commercials, and American flag lapels I’m pretty certain the US could pay off their creditors. That will never happen because people like their debates. They like the partisan politics as entertainment. In an era where it is taboo to hate someone because of their religion, race, or sexual orientation, the elections give us an opportunity to exercise our hatred muscles towards the only group we are still allowed to hate, those of a different political persuasion.

This idea propagated by the media that the act of voting is a good deed (no matter who or what you vote for), is perhaps the most cynical message perpetrated during the election cycle. If someone shirked their “civic duty” to help feed the hungry or shovel debris out of a storm ravaged neighborhood do they really have less of a right to complain than someone who voted so they could have lower taxes?

I know this whole democracy thing gives us a sense of unity and commonality. Waiting in line to vote you see people of all colors, creeds, age, and political persuasions, but imagine if the hundreds of people in line used that energy towards a more constructive vision. We could clean up our neighborhoods ravaged by political advertisements, we could build houses for the homeless, we could even play a really big game of capture the flag.

Why be such a grouch? Can’t I let people celebrate the fact that a politician who espoused sacrifice and sharing defeated a politician who preached selfishness? Why do I have to remind people that simply voting for a particular politician makes no more difference to the planet we inhabit than voting for a particular brand of diet soda?

Hey, I voted, I have a right to complain.


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