Pablo Chiste’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

This Thanksgiving Pablo Chiste Industries will be hosting our annual parade.

Many of our sponsors dropped out but we should still have some impressive floats and balloons. Depending on what last minute deals we could get on Craig’s List we should have a float celebrating ladies in comic strips featuring Cathy, Sally Forth and Luann. We were also able to get a good deal on a couple giant sized balloons of Joe Camel and the Marlboro Man (for the kids). All you red blooded Americans should get excited about our patriotic float where we will be throwing out (free!) campaign merchandise from the Romney/Ryan campaign including t-shirts, buttons, and magic underwear.

Festivities will include a reenactment of the first Thanksgiving where  Pilgrims  will eat for six straight hours and then plan their Christmas shopping.

But since we would not have a Thanksgiving without the generosity of the Native Americans, all festivities will come to an end before the Washington Redskins football team plays the Dallas Cowboys. How thoughtful of the NFL after all these years to continue to pay respect to an oppressed minority. If only one day they could pay such tribute to other ethnicities we could see the Atlanta Blackies play the Brooklyn Hooknoses or the San Francisco Slanteyes play the Los Angeles Beaners.

There should be something for everyone at the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Make sure to get there early as we are expecting quite a crowd.


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