Hackers And Spammers

I was flying cross country when it happened. In the air and underwater being the two places where you are unplugged and unreachable, somehow they knew. When I landed in San Francisco to catch a connecting flight I turned on my phone and the text messages and e-mails poured in. “Dude, you’ve been hacked.” “I think someone got control of your e-mail.” “Take me off of your list, you son of a motherless goat!”

I checked my e-mail and sure enough someone had figured out my password and contacted everyone in my address book to try homemade chocolates. People that knew me realized I could not have sent this e-mail, as these were not vegan chocolates they were being bothered about. The recipients that did not know me well also knew this was a phony message as all my e-mails are heavy on www.pablochiste.com promotion.

Fortunately the hackers decided to hype something as benign as homemade chocolates. Usually these spam e-mails sell penis enlargements or videos of nude girls or naked vidcams of underage girls with enlarged penises.

I suppose there are patsies who occasionally click on these links just as someone must be supplying Nigerian royalty with their bank account information, but what are these hackers end goals?  Do they actually want people to buy chocolates (I was too timid to actually click on the link)? Does a virus spread on your computer if you click on the link that gives them access to your computer? They already figured a way into my e-mail. What else can they want? The chance to read an excerpt of my unfinished novel?

I wrestled for a moment with the idea of changing my e-mail account, but settled on simply changing my password. After all if I changed my e-mail  there would be no way for that Nigerian prince to contact me about the 2 million dollars he is going to put into my account.


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