To Do Lists


I’ve gotten in the habit of writing to do lists. Most of the lists are made up of routine chores. Buy this, fix that, call so and so about the money they owe me, avoid so and so about the money I owe them.

I am able to make check marks next to most of the tasks fairly easily. To challenge myself I begun adding more difficult tasks to my to do lists. Find self fulfillment, make every moment count, do not settle for mediocrity, etc., etc., etc..

These were all easily accomplished and so I have just finished my advanced to do list for January 21, 2013. This should keep me busy for quite some time.

1) Reach the end of a rainbow.

2) Prove conclusively whether or not there is an Easter Bunny.

3) Attend an alien autopsy.

4) Buy bananas, bread and dental floss.

5) Figure out the meaning of life.


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