I am late to the party, but I just discovered you can see people’s mugshots very easily on-line. If you type in any city’s name followed by the word “mugshot” into a search engine you will be led to a website which claims to be offering a public service. Really though they offer people a good laugh and a chance to strengthen their superiority complex by showing your neighbors at their lowest points.

I spent a good hour looking at my hometown’s mug shots. It was amazing how many of the people I knew. There are the repeat offenders. Most of them are charged with driving under the influence, but there are a couple narcotic possessions and battery charges scattered throughout.

Even worse I discovered if you type in some of the people’s names into Google the first image that shows up is their mug shot. I suppose this could encourage people to stay on the straight and narrow, but it feels slimy and evil that this is out in the public domain like this even if the poor schlubs have been found guilty. I guess the first amendment trumps the right to privacy.


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