Rev Up The Search Engine – 2013 Model


It’s time to play America’s favorite multimedia game, Rev Up The Search Engine. For those of you that haven’t been turned on to this fascinating pastime, the way it works is any time I run out of material to write a post, I dig into the stats for this website and learn what sickos my dear readers are. Here’s a list of the ten  most absurd searches people put into Google that helped them discover Pablo Chiste.

Click here to read 2011’s edition.

Click here to read 2012’s volume.

Don’t click anything to read the ten most bizarre searches of 2013 that landed people right here.

10) Banana slug urine

9) Sicilian babe

8 ) Falling asleep in class

7) Pretty African butts

6) Hunk father and Erik Spoelstra

5) Blood donation puns

4) Crude, rude and socially unacceptable jokes

3) Powerful sex cream

2) Albert Brooks shirtless

Finally, number one with a bullet and probably the all time winner for Rev Up The Search Engine is…

1) Pablo Chiste with big butt.

That’s it. Thanks for playing. See you all next year. This is Pablo Chiste with small butt signing off.


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