Pool Party


Chlorine must serve as my homing magnet. In Los Angeles the shack I called home for six years was directly across the street from a public pool (which I hear has now been razed) and now in Miami Beach I live two blocks from Flamingo Park with its 25 meter lap pool. The sign says you need to bring identification saying you’re a Miami Beach resident or else the admission is ten dollars, but all you really need is a friendly smile and a wave and you can waltz right in.

A couple times a week I risk offending my neighbors by putting on the skin tight biker shorts I swim in, grabbing a t-shirt, beach towel, and goggles and walking over there. Once I get in the confines of the pool I’m no longer the biggest creep in the area.  I can identify with the swimmers in colored Speedos as I have also forsaken good taste for the benefit of a more streamlined swim, but the guys in the white Speedos really should be required to register as sex offenders.

There are two pools, a kiddie pool that only gets a few feet deep and has a giant play space with a slide as its centerpiece. The other pool is specifically for laps with lane lines sectioning it off into narrow compartments. Most of the time you will have to share a lane with another swimmer, occasionally you get the lane all to yourself. I hear lane partners having conversations with one another. I tend to keep to myself. My one interaction consisted of thwacking some lady on the back of her head as I thought I had enough space to finish a butterfly stroke. I stopped to profusely apologize as I figured if it hurt my thumb, it must have damaged her noggin, but she kept going perhaps fearful of what a man in spandex biker shorts might have to say to her.

A lot of people stay away from public pools because of the notion that everyone is peeing in the pool. All I can say is the visibility is excellent. Of course I have yet to see a person get out of the pool to go use the bathroom. Come to think of it, I do see a lot of people standing around smiling between their sets. Well, that’s why they put chlorine in the water.


One thought on “Pool Party

  1. When recently on vacation in Paris, I visited two indoor public pools. There are many in Paris and in France and some are architectural gems. THey are quite the experience, with the changing stalls, regulation bathing suits required etc….you would never have been allowed in the pool with your bike shorts!

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