The Many Ages of Mustaches


A teenager with a mustache is trying to look old enough to buy a pack of cigarettes or a six pack of beer.

Someone in their twenties with a mustache is a hipster  who refrains from shaving their upper lip as a statement of irony.

A thirtysomething with a mustache is tricky. He could be the aforementioned hipster or has a middle management job with a dress code that forbids any other type of facial hair..

A man n his forties with a mustache wants to finally make use of the mustache comb he received as a father’s day present from 2005.

A man with a mustache that is over fifty but younger than sixty’s last good year was 1983 and still takes his fashion tips from Magnum PI and Burt Reynolds.

Anyone over sixty does not have a mustache, but rather has gone too long without trimming his nose hairs.


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