The Turtle and the Vulture – A Short Story

There once was a turtle who lived in a lagoon. His home was slowly being drained and he needed help. He walked into town and found a telephone, rotary of course. Using his snout he was able to dial the Environmental Protection Agency after much effort, only to be told to speak to a live operator he had to push one.  As the turtle walked back to the lagoon he learned he was too late. It was now barren and dry and a vulture was picking at the carcass of his friend, the toad. The turtle screamed at the bird in his turtle voice. “What are you doing? You killed my friend.”

“No, he’s long been dead. I’m just making sure he doesn’t go to waste.”

“Why would he be dead? You killed him.”

“No I didn’t. He wasn’t moving.’

“He was probably sleeping.”

“No. I doubt that quite much.” The vulture stopped for a moment to pick at the toad’s stomach before explaining, “When sleeping we dream.”


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