They say when things are going bad is when you can tell who your real friends are.

That’s a flat out lie. Only the biggest jerks won’t be nice to you when you got fired, dumped, or are in need of a kidney transplant. It’s when things are gong well for you that you can tell who is a true friend.

It is easy to be sympathetic and charitable toward the downtrodden, the rejected, the pathetic. When you are in those camps it is much harder to think nice thoughts of those who have dug themselves out of their hole. Or if we’re going by cliches, misery loves company, but it’s lonely at the top.

How often when you are alone and miserable can you be happy for the guy who is lucky in love? When you are broke and struggling to make your rent, how hard is it to think fondly of the friend who just bought a new car? The ubermensch who stick with you through the thick are much more loyal than those around  when things are thin.


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