For the Lexicon


Here are some words and phrases that I believe need to be used more often. Most of them are insults taken from old black and white gangster flicks, but their ability to make me laugh overcomes any negativity they brandish on to our world

Skinflint…  a cheapskate to end all cheapskates.

Numbskull… does any other word personify an idiot as well as this?

Who is that clown?… Some writer claimed this was the worst comment you can make about someone because not just are you calling a person a clown, but you are also saying they are not even a particularly well known clown.

Book it!… a debate ender. Once this has been said how can the argument continue as whatever is being discussed has already been booked?

Sheesh!… an exclamation of the highest order.

Despicable… No other word carries such disdain while at the same time reminding me of Daffy Duck.

Gruddy… One time when intoxicated I was certain this was a word, but apparently it is not. Feel free to throw it in as a random descriptor whenever the situation arises. I’ll know what you are talking about.



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