Support Our Drones


The most insane consensus that our society has reached is that you have to support our troops. I feel great sympathy for the impoverished recruits who make up the bulk of our nation’s armed forces due to not having many other options, but why exactly are we supporting people for following orders that are generally immoral and often illegal?

I know why television, newspapers, and sporting events tell us to do it as the military is often one of their biggest sponsors. I see why politicians do it as their benefactors are often chieftains of the military-industrial complex. But why has the general population walked the line on this matter?

Most veterans I’ve talked to have not had good things to say about what we are doing in the Middle East. For the most part they felt they were spit through the wringer and wasted good years of their lives for a war being fought over fossil fuels and continued government contracts.

One of the great sighs of relief I achieved in my few years as a teacher involved a senior who said he was going to enlist in the Marines. Every chance I had I would harangue him about what a mistake he would be making and show him articles in the newspaper about the shoddy treatment veterans received when they came back, but his mind seemed to be made. I had never been so happy when I heard a year later that he never enlisted. His reasons were because he knocked some girl up, but better a lover then a fighter.

President Obama claims to be attempting to phase down the number of soldiers the armed forces recruits. Instead they are focusing on technology such as drones which can attack and kill bearded men who pray to a different God and their families while being controlled from the comfort of a government bunker.

Are we to support the war machines as equally as the warriors?

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