Requiem for a Team – Miami Heat Lose the 2014 NBA Finals


I would be lying if I said it was a good thing that the Miami Heat lost the championship this year. The San Antonio Spurs are evil for a variety of reasons. They act like they never committed a foul in their life, they turned off the air conditioning in their building to steal a game,  their fans copied the “refs you suck” chant and the White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army singalong from Miami fans, and Tony Parker broke Eva Longoria’s heart.

Worst of all the Spurs are not even memorable enough to really hate. They are as boring and generic as the zombies in the tv show The Walking Dead. But just the same they ate my team alive.

With that being said it would have been a worse  travesty if the Heat won the championship this year as they did not take the regular season seriously at all. Dwyane Wade took a third of the season off and defense was only played in the last five minutes of games, if at all.

When the playoffs started I predicted the Spurs would beat the Heat in the Finals. I hate always being right, but after a year of picking up bad habits of lazy play it’s hard to all of a sudden execute with the precision the Heat needed to win a championship. But still after the smack downs Miami laid on Brooklyn and Indiana and the first two games against San Antonio, I opened my heart to glory only to be let down at the end.

But if the Heat had won I shudder to think of what next season would look like. Would the Heat even bother to tie their shoes during regular season games? Would Wade only play on Tuesdays and alternating Saturdays?

And so we enter the off-season exactly where the scriptwriters who plot out the storylines of the NBA and the referees who act out their stage directions would like us.

What will happen to the Miami Heat?

Will LeBron James leave us? (Nope)

Will Carmelo Anthony join the Heat? (Maybe)

Will Chris Birdman Andersen get tattoos on his face (Yes, a single tear for a wasted season)

The roster for the team has already begun shifting. Mike Miller was let go last season, Joel Anthony a great defender was shipped off for a bag of peanuts, Shane Battier will be retiring and the only meaningful parting shot Mario Chalmers had in the playoffs after six up and down seasons with the Heat were to Tony Parker’s ribs.

But more changes need to be made starting with Dwyane Wade. He needs to come off the bench next year. LeBron James plays his best when surrounded with three point shooters. Wade can still be a great offensive player, but he needs the ball in his hands. If he came off the bench he would have time to be the primary scorer at selected times and hopefully have the energy to play defense in concentrated doses, instead of resting on defense like he did this year.

While four trips to the Finals in the last four years is amazing, I’m confident that Pat Riley and LeBron James will do what it takes to return the Larry O”Brien trophy to the Florida tropics.


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