World Cup 2014 – Is It Called Soccer or Sucker?


Let me preface this by saying I know nothing about soccer except that it is proof that if you hype any competitive event enough you can get people to watch it. Spelling bees and the Winter Olympics have nothing on soccer. Four years ago I wrote about how soccer could be improved as a spectator sport. Unfortunately these proposals were dismissed by FIFA.

One thing I do know about are conspiracies. And this United States World Cup team reeks of them.

On Thursday the United States is playing a game against Germany that if they win or tie will make them eligible to participate in the next round. The mainstream media has hyped this match with all kinds of World War 2 references, but no one has brought up the loyalties of the coach for the American team with the suspicious name of Jürgen Klinsmann. Where could a guy with a name like that be from, Milwaukee? Topeka? Boise, Idaho? No, he was born in  Göppingen, Germany.

Even though the United States got suckered into paying Klinsmann 2.5 million dollars annually, you think he can turn his back on the fatherland? Already he kicked off the team the only American soccer player anyone had heard of in Landon Donovan. Next he announced to the American press that the US soccer team has zero chance of winning the World Cup. Then he proceeds to turn a victory into a tie against Portugal, a country who if it wasn’t for man o’wars and Vasco da Gama no one would ever have heard of. And you don’t think he’s trying to throw this cup in Germany’s favor?

Germany might forgive the US for defeating them in World War 2, but they’ll never forgive Sylvester Stallone for beating their country in soccer in the 1981 movie Victory.

Did the Bozos who run US soccer ever read the story about the Trojan horse?

Thankfully the rest of America’s infrastructure isn’t as easy to fool as the honchos in charge of American soccer. Otherwise we might have someone with a middle name like Hussein leading American forces into another war in Iraq.


One thought on “World Cup 2014 – Is It Called Soccer or Sucker?

  1. I’m so glad someone else is as disinterested in soccer as I am. Have not really cared one way or the other about the World Cup, except for the frequent postings by friends of mine on Facebook about it when they play. However, the conspiracy does add intrigue. I still won’t watch it, or really even care about the outcome regardless, but it does beg the question about loyalties and the rigging of sports.

    Take for instance, the 1996 World Series. I’m really expected to believe the Atlanta Braves, after thoroughly trashing the New York Yankees in Yankee stadium in Games 1 & 2 by a total score of 16-1, and had the best record in baseball at home that season, couldn’t figure out how to beat the Yankees twice AT HOME??? Really??? Don’t think so.

    It’s all a conspiracy, it just so happens that soccer is a sport very few care about in this country. But if you want to see a true conspiracy at work, to perfection, wait until football season starts, especially college football.

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