Contact High


My apartment reeks of weed. I’m not sure if it’s from the nurse in apartment ten or the weird mother/adult son in apartment eight or possibly if it’s coming from whoever lives below that bangs on their ceiling/our floor. Regardless of where it is coming from the aroma is in the air.

It has been reported you can get a second hand high by being in the same room as someone smoking pot, but  if you are in the next room do the same rules apply? I have a fourteen month old daughter and I keep observing her to see if she has any of the symptoms connected with weed. These are my notes…

Subject has volatile mood swings ranging from “mellow” to depression as evidenced by sobbing uncontrollably.

Subject often has the munchies running for the refrigerator whenever it is opened.

Subject enjoys watching cartoons.

Subject will often babble incoherent sentences such as, “Ba ba da da ba ba” and “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa”.

Subject often passes out into a slumber at random times.

Subject bobs head and dances to reggae music.


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