The New Cigarette


In the outer reaches of my memory banks is an image of going on an airplane as a child and seeing people smoke cigarettes. I have less hazy recollections of going to restaurants with my parents and them being asked if we would like to sit in the smoking or non-smoking section. I can clearly remember going out late at night in college and waking up the next morning still reeking of cigarette smoke. I get a kick out of watching TV shows that take place in decades past and seeing smoking in the unlikeliest places a movie theater, an office, a hospital waiting room.

I am grateful for the ostracizing of cigarettes. The foul odor is not one I miss, but just as nature hates a vacuum, so does society.

What the jittery and the neurotic once used a cigarette for to calm their nerves and to allay boredom, now there is a cell phone in their hands. Talking, playing, texting, and shopping, it is ever present, inescapable, and just as hard to kick as a habit.




One thought on “The New Cigarette

  1. Hi, my name is Jason and I’m a phone addict. I’m running an app right now showing the image of a cigarette while I type this message. It’s a game really. Can you light the cigarette rubbing to sticks together. It’s pretty cool, I think you should try it. But hey, at least we have electronic cigarettes now, so I can feel like a Transformer smoking a cigar! I used to love the smell of cigarette smoke, from a freshly lit and smoldering one. Still like it when it happens. And what’s funny is, I am not a smoker. I just liked the smell. I’m weird like that. However, I will say I don’t like the smell of crap. Never ever, just FYI.

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