Passover Seder: The Movie – Exodus: Gods and Kings

Fifteen Commandments

For everyone who thought Passover Seders are too short Ridley Scott has directed a two and half hour movie telling the story of Moses called Exodus: Gods and Kings. This Moses played by Christian Bale is more Batman than  holy man. He kicks butt and takes names. I’m not sure how faithful this warrior prince side of Moses is to the Bible, but since the Biblical Moses was a stutterer, and Bale speaks quite eloquently, it seems the filmmakers played fast and loose with the text. And if there’s one community that takes source material more seriously then comic book fanboys, it’s Bible fanboys.

But if you don’t take the Bible seriously Exodus is a pretty enjoyable riproaring adventure. Not that it’s saying much, but it is certainly the best movie Scott has directed since Gladiator.

For those who skipped Sunday school, Exodus is set in ancient Egypt where we see Moses as an Egyptian general who learns of his secret past as a Hebrew. They spend an hour showing his warrior mettle and strategic brilliance, but just like when your Uncle Lenny ran his seder, starting things off with the best of intentions to read every page of the Haggadah before realizing he wants to get through the service quickly to eat some matzo ball soup and gefilte fish, so does this movie begin rushing through important details like the ten plagues and the parting of the Red Sea because it wanted to spend so much time portraying Moses’ bonafides as a badass.

Which is fine, but a bigger deal will probably be made about not just a gentile, but a gentile whose first name is Christian, is playing the part of the most famous of Jews.

You mean to tell me Adam Sandler and Larry David were too busy to play Moses?

Uncle Lenny would not approve.


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