We keep veering further into the future. I know time does not stop nor go backwards, but it is jarring that year after year we keep hitting these science fiction milestones. I was too young to appreciate when 1984 came up. I’d read enough Arthur C. Clarke to acknowledge 2001 and 2010. 2015 is the year that Marty McFly visited in a flying DeLorean in Back to the Future 2. 2017 is the year Blade Runner took place in. Though we don’t yet have hovering skateboards or proof that human cloning has been established, technology continues to punch you in the gut.

The other day at the playground my daughter started chasing around a remote control car. For her a miniature car moving on its own was amazing, for me it was the fact that a 9 year old kid was controlling it using his IPhone. When he saw I was impressed by that he said, “check this out”. The car had a camera on it, so he could see everything from the car’s point of view on his phone. At this point the only thing our phones can’t seem to do is be used as a razor to shave. Though I’m sure there is an app being created as we speak to solve this.

I always move ten steps behind, so I just started using the microphone in my phone to compose texts. It gets words wrong sometimes, but I’m amazed how often it gets it right. Even my flawed Spanish. I’m strongly considering using it for my writing, though it does terrify me how it could make my profession obsolete. Right now the only impressive thing about being a writer is that you have the patience to sit down and write. If you can just talk and the words pop up, writers will seem even more a dime a dozen. Especially when this is taken to its logical next step where your thoughts can be recorded by a machine.

Maybe in 2016.


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