Jewish Humor


The neighborhood falafel place we eat at is called, “La Pita Loca”. You’d think the menu would consist of puns. There could be the I Dream of Tahini sandwich or the Wooly Bully Tabouli, but the only sense of humor about the place begins and ends with their name (they did for some reason have a sushi chef there preparing sushi for about a month which seemed like the setup for a joke but his station disappeared as quickly as it popped up, but that’s neither here nor there anyway).

Or so I thought when I walked in there the other day with a to go order. I was wearing a t-shirt with a Superman logo on it and as I waited for my sandwich an older Orthodox couple exiting walked in my direction. The gentleman with the yarmulke on his head pointed at my shirt. “Yesterday,” he tells me, “I see a little baby wearing a shirt like that.”

“Yeah,” I told him. “The last time I had this on I saw two other people with the same Superman shirt.”

He looked impatient at me. It wasn’t until he spoke again that I realized he was pissed I interrupted his punchline. “I was going to say, ‘who knew you could grow so big over night?'” They walked away before I could laugh.

Or groan.


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