Rev Up The Search Engine – 2015 Model


I have been slacking with putting up new material this past year. Evidently I have slowly been running out of things to say. Fortunately, I never tire of being self-referential. So here comes my annual easiest to write column, Rev up the Search Engine. The following are ten actual terms people typed into Google or other miscellaneous search engines that landed them on

10) “amateur women in sling shot bikinis”

9)  “Tom Selleck chest hair grooming”

8 ) “spanish badonkadonk”

7)  “creatures that freak out the entire planet”

6)  “old woman birthday jokes”

5)  “beware of falling coconut”

4)  “little young teen with big butt”

3)  “manatees are sexy”

2)  “three babies drinking beer”

1)  “Why do rape scenes give me a boner?”

Once again my sincerest apologies for ending up here and I hope you were able to find what you were looking for.

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